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Established in 2012 by Kathrine Espersen.

With our partners we have more than 20 years of experience in creating retail environments, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Our experience includes building, agency and client side, which give us a unique perspective within the industry having worked for companies such as Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal Luxe, LVMH and Chanel.


Within retail our portfolio covers all kind of projects, ranging from managing the design and build of flagship stores to temporary promotional sites in many countries throughout the world.

Within interior Kathrine Espersen & Co has renovated several houses and apartments as well as designed and build various interior solutions like kitchens, wardrobes, tables and sculptures.

We are specialized in all custom-made solutions, which are always made in the best possible materials and quality.  Kathrine Espersen & Co has a rare skill for high finish and attention to details.



Kathrine Espersen & Co is a team of likeminded, detail oriented professionals, each with vast experience in their field. We design, build and install permanent and promotional retail interiors.

The team consists of designers, project-managers, constructing architects, construction workers, shopfitters and manufactures handpicked within the field.


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